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Protect Your Elevator Entrance

Protect elevator door jambs from dents and scratches with Palmer® Elevator Entrance Protection Kits (EEPK™). Each kit includes two side door jamb pads, an elevator header pad, Palmer’s patent pending low-profile hanging system, and a convenient storage bag.

Palmer® Elevator Entrance Protection Kits are easy to install and provide unobtrusive protection to stainless steel and enamel coated steel door frames. The low-profile hanging system uses Velcro® adhesive-backed loop and mating hook fasteners to quickly secure door frame pads to jambs and headers without getting in the way of tenants, furniture movers, maintenance workers, or construction crews. Extra adhesive-backed fasteners are included for multiple installations.

All door frame pads are custom made with impact resistant Palmtuff® Vinyl elevator padding.

Available Colors

Palmer® Elevator Entrance Protection Kits are available in four standard Palmtuff® Vinyl colors. Custom colors and materials are available upon request. Please call for details.

Installation Instructions

  1. Read all instructions before installing Palmer® Elevator Entrance Protection Kits.
  2. Adhesive-backed loop fastener strips are specifically designed to stick to stainless steel and enamel coated steel door frames only. Clean the surface of the door frame with an all-purpose citrus cleaner. Allow surface to completely dry before installing frame pads.
  3. Attach new adhesive-backed loop fastener strips to the hook fastener that is sewn to the back of door jamb and header pads. Evenly space strips approximately 24″ apart. Make sure fastener strips do not extend past the edge of the pad.
  4. Identify the left door jamb, right door jamb, and header pads based on the measurements provided. Note the interior frame section and the wall return section of each pad. The two sections are divided with a stitch line so the pad wraps around the frame.
  5. Remove the backing film from the adhesive fastener strips on one of the pads.
  6. Align the protective pad with the applicable side of the door frame. Make sure the interior frame section of the pad is at least 1– from the elevator door.
  7. Press the adhesive-backed strips against the interior frame. Make sure the pad is taught before pressing firmly in place.
  8. Pull the pad around the frame to the front of the wall return. Make sure the pad is taught before pressing firmly in place.
  9. Repeat steps 5 through 8 for each of the frame pads.
  10. Allow adhesive to cure for at least1 hour before removing the pads.
  11. After the adhesive has cured, the entrance pads can be attached and detached from the elevator door frame using the hook and loop fasteners. Do not remove the adhesive-backed loop fasteners from the door frame until the pads are no longer needed or adhesive strips need to be replaced. Each kit comes with extra adhesive-backed loop strips for reinstallation.

WARNING: All pads must be kept at least one (1″) inch from the elevator doors (that is sides, bottom and top of the doors) in order to avoid any entanglement or interference with the doors, which entanglement or interference may result injury or death to persons or damage to the elevators or other property.

Removal Instructions

  1. Pull each pad away from the door frame.
  2. Peel adhesive-backed loop fastener strips off of the elevator door frame. Throw away used adhesive-backed strips.
  3. Clean any remaining adhesive residue from the door frame using an all-purpose citrus-based cleaner as needed.
  4. Roll each pad up and store in the carrying case until needed.