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Protect Your Elevator Cab Walls

Protect elevator cab walls with Palmer® elevator pads. Palmer® pads are specially designed to protect the cab walls of passenger, residential, and freight elevators.

Palmer® quilted elevator pads are custom-made in the U.S.A. using a variety of colors and materials. All pads are constructed with an impact-resistant core for long-lasting protection from dents and scratches.

How to Hang Elevator Pads

Palmer® offers innovative hanging solutions to securely attach elevator pads to any style elevator cab. To choose the best method, determine if your elevator has pre-installed cab studs, raised wall panels, or a drop ceiling.

Hang pads from cab studs and grommets.

Eliminate grommet measurements with Palmer StudStrip™.

Eliminate grommets with Palmer Adapt-A-Clamps®.

Hang pads from walls or ceilings with Palmer hooks. Some hooks require grommets and/or studs.